About Our Corporate Concierge Services


Girl Fridays corporate concierge services are meant to liberate employees from mundane, but necessary personal tasks, allowing them to give work their undivided attention.

By providing their team with Girl Friday’s services, employers can be confident that employees are receiving high-value perks that increase  ROI, employee satisfaction and enhance the organizational culture.

The process is simple, seamless and easy! With just a click, call or text, employees can consider their tasks taken care of.

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Girl Friday’s Exclusive Corporate Concierge Services will exceed your expectations with their attention to detail, efficiency, superior local knowledge and most importantly our high touch personal errand running services.

Girl Friday caters to businesses and corporations as a value added perk that enhances the employee benefit package. Businesses can customize a package of concierge services and errand running to achieve the work/life balance that employees desire.

Our concierge services are subsidized by the employer for their employees. We complete the tasks and employees are only responsible for purchases made on their behalf such as groceries and prescriptions.  

There is a growing demand in corporate America to bring some reality to the workplace. Employees want to focus on growing their careers, but not at the expense of their family. Girl Friday is the solution!

“Employees are spending approximately 3.5 hours per work week on unavoidable personal tasks”

-New York Post

Our services are completely customized on both the organizational and personal level. At Girl Friday we understand that each client’s corporate branding and culture has unique ties to their success. We honor that success by offering our services to seamlessly blend in, so it appears we are a part of the client’s corporation. We can also develop confidential profiles built on each employee to ensure that services are preformed to their unique preference.

According to a Gallop Study, employee engagement continues to be an important predictor of company performance; organizations with high employee engagement are more successful than those with lower engagement.

When employees have a positive work environment and know their employer cares about their well-being, they are more engaged and motivated to do their best at work.

Would you like to add more personal perks to boost morale at the workplace, but don’t have the time to plan and execute them? Whether you’d like to provide your team with catered meals, coffee and pastries for a meeting or a special treat after achieving a goal, we can take care of it for you. We can even organize in-house de-stressing events or theme parties. Just call or text us with your idea, and we will take it from there.

Recent research from Glassdoor found that 4 out of 5 employees would prefer new benefits over a pay raise.

Girl Friday can also attend to your company’s guests or partners. Do you have someone flying in that you’d like to impress or simply assist? We can handle everything from airport pick up/drop offs, personal chauffeuring, appointment scheduling, delivering special requests, and more! Girl Friday’s private label services can blend right in with your company’s branding and provide your guests with that special attention that you might not have time to provide.


Maternity + Baby Concierge

Girl Friday also caters to new and expecting parents, who face new challenges as they transition into parenthood. We’re that extra pair of hands that new parents need in order to feel confident and secure enough to focus on work. From the moment they find out they’re expecting and through the baby’s first year, we can help ease the transition to parenthood.

Girl Friday can help with appointment scheduling, errand running, prescription filling or shopping for baby supplies, groceries, meal deliveries and more! Our goal is to help parents maximize their time with their baby and take the time needed to prepare for the baby’s arrival without compromising the time and attention given to their job. Maternity and baby concierge services are meant to empower and support the employee in preparation for baby’s arrival and through the first year. Our services are available to both expecting mothers and fathers.

Our concierge services will help you plan your shower, your gender reveal, order birth announcements and help choose your stroller or any other items you need. The  services are tailored to meet employee’s specific and individual needs, and they help the employee by ensuring that weekly errands and responsibilities get done both before and after baby arrives.

The greatest  that you can give your employees is TIME.