About Us

The most limited and most valuable asset is TIME. Girl Friday is revolutionizing the way individuals spend time by removing the mundane, but necessary tasks of daily living, so that “free time” can actually be free.

Girl Friday’s mission is to restore the balance back into the busy lives of others. Our Exclusive Corporate Concierge Service and Private Personal Assistants caters to clients with active professional, personal or social lifestyles.

As the Great Lakes Bay Region’s first lifestyle service company, Girl Friday provides corporations and individuals with professional, confidential and personalized solutions to the everyday problem of too much to do, with too little time.

With just one click, call or text, tasks can be done! Girl Friday picks up dry cleaning, prescriptions, groceries and mail. We pamper pet’s, water plants and do home checks while clients are away. Research new purchases and plan vacations. Wait for the cable company, repair man or special delivery while clients are at work. We are happy to select the perfect gift for your grandma, spouse or children. Whatever the task, consider it done!

Regain control of your time and focus on the more enjoyable aspects of life with Girl Friday.

You can rest assured your information will be kept confidential. At Grill Friday we thoroughly pre-screen all assistants. Complete with a background/security check. Assistants are bonded and insured.